By adopting the Roskilde and Taormina Resolutions (attached in full below) EFAD members agreed the priorities for the European harmonisation of the education and practice of dietitians.
Roskilde Resolution (EFAD 2003)
  1. Agree a description of the role of a dietitian working in Europe
  2. A minimum qualification of a 3 year degree, benchmarked at a defined level, with an Education Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
  3. Agree a European Dietetic Benchmark Statement, including a practical placement benchmark, for the education of dietitians in Europe
  4. Set benchmark for teachers of dietetics
  5. Agree a common “language”, by defining any technical terms used
  6. National registration of dietitians to protect the title “dietitian”
  7. Consideration should be given to registration as a European dietitian
-> Roskilde Resolution
Taormina Resolution (EFAD 2007)
  1. Set a benchmark for teachers of dietetics and quality indicators for practice education
  2. Define European Dietetic Competences and prioritise Life Long Learning
  3. Agree a common language by defining technical terms
-> Taormina Resolution