20 April 2021

Speaker: Dr. Antonis Vlassopoulos

Dr. Antonis Vlassopoulos has studied Nutrition & Dietetics at the Harokopio University of Athens followed by an MSc and a PhD in Human Nutrition at the University of Glasgow School of Medicine. His research interests focus on understanding the role of nutrition in the prevention of cardiovascular disease with a particular interest in the role of the immune system in chronic disease development. He has spent three years in the Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland as a postdoctoral researcher studying the role of food policy in promoting healthier food habits.

He is a research associate in the Agricultural University of Athens, where he participates in the teaching of the Food & Nutrition Policy postgraduate course and he holds an Honorary Research Fellowship with the University of Glasgow. His other interests include the development of leadership skills in young scientists through the organization of educational activities in conferences, workshops and human resources development programs as well as the development of scientific communication skills to link research with society.