PROMISS Masterclasses

The video series of PROMISS Masterclasses was released on the PROMISS Youtube Channel.

The short explainer videos to help the food industry and SMEs in developing products for older adults:

  1. What is protein energy malnutrition?
  2. What are dietary proteins?
  3. How much proteins do older adults need?
  4. What is the protein intake of older adults?
  5. How sustainable is dietary protein?
  6. What protein sources do older consumers prefer?
  7. The Stage-Gate© model


As video 1 - 6 can also be very interesting for stakeholder groups other than industry (like older persons, health professionals, policy makers, dietitians, researchers…) the English subtitles were translated in Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Finish.


To access them, click here: (click on the ‘settings’ icon to select the correct language)


The videos with the embedded translated subtitles can also be downloaded from this shared Google Drive folder: