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EFAD Webinar: “Promoting Global Dietitians – Opportunities for Internationalization”

Title: “Promoting Global Dietitians – Opportunities for Internationalization”.

Date: March 5th 19.00 CET

Summary: The webinar will highlight the importance of internationalization, both for students and  teachers.  We will give information about the different Erasmus grants available, talk about other international networks (“studying abroad programme”) and we’ll present some examples on how Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) face the need of internationalization and share some tips on how to promote intercultural exchanges, both face to face and virtually.


About the speakers: 

Alexandra Kolm is teaching and researching at the Nutrition and Dietetic Programme at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten. After completing her Masters in International Public Health Nutrition in London she started her teaching career with the focus on obesity and obesity related metabolic diseases. She also teaches lectures in English as medium of instruction with the focus on Dietetic Communication. Alexandra was leading the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership „IMPECD – Improvement of Education and Competences of Dietitians“ together with the Artesin Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerp, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, and two German Universities of Applied Sciences in Neubrandenburg and Fulda, where EFAD was an important stakeholder partner. This IMPECD project is the focus of her PhD-studies at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.


Ángela García holds an MD PhD in Medicine and MS in Clinical Nutrition, but is a Dietitian at heart. She worked as lecturer and researcher in Nutrition at the Universidad Autónoma, Estado de Hidalgo (México) for two years  and since 2002 is a Lecturer in Nutrition in the Dpt. Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences at CEU-San Pablo. University, Madrid. She coordinates practical placements and does teaching and research in the field of public health nutrition. She has directed 2 PhD Thesis, led 7 projects of research and participated in another 21 as part of the research team. Angela is an author of 21 scientific articles, 10 book chapters and co-editor of 1 book, having submitted 41 communications to congresses (10 as guest speaker). She has accreditation as level 3 anthropometrist by the International Society for the Advance of Kineanthropometry and is responsible for the Research Laboratory for the Study of Metabolism Analysis and Body Composition. She is a member of the Committee for Ethics in  Clinical and Human Trials and of the Committee for Teaching Innovation in her university. She has been a member of the Education and LLL Committee in EFAD, since 2013. .

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You can watch the recording here