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Mission and Vision

is to support EFAD in achieving the highest quality of education and learning for the dietetic workforce in Europe.

is to ensure that under- and post-graduate education of dietitians is of the highest standard and to enhance the individual dietitian’s practice through education and continuous professional development (CPD). This is achieved through supporting students, dietitians, EFAD National Dietetic Associations (NDAs) and the higher education institutions (HEIs). Broader key benefits include ensuring the safety and welfare of dietetic service users,building societal trust in the dietetic profession and maintaining the integrity of the profession. This is achieved through partnership working (with NDAs, HEIs and the two other EFAD committees; Research and Evidence-Based Practice Committee (REBPC) and the Professional Practice Committee (PPC), and the European Specialist Dietetic Networks (ESDN), to define and share best practices in the areas of education and LLL.

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