COVID-19 resources, research and information

Dietitians across Europe are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in many different ways and settings.

EFAD wishes to support its Members, Stakeholders and the public with the following:

EFAD has collated, and in some cases translated (using Google Translate), all the information we have received from our members to help dietitians, and other health professionals across Europe, to offer optimal nutritional support to patients with COVID-19 virus. We will continue to add information as we receive it.


WHO Guidance on events


To help you access information quickly here is a list of what is already available in the fields of

  1. Public Health Nutrition with healthy diet and reducing risk factors such as malnutrition, cancer, obesity and diabetes
  2. Critical care – nutritional support while body fights infection
  3. Rehabilitation – post-COVID patients may/will have lost muscle mass and body weight
  4. Work of dietitians, policies
  5. Webinars on the topic
  6. EFAD Briefing Paper and related materials