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Food Service

The ESDN (European Specialist Dietetic Network) Food Service focuses on the broad area of food service and the role of the dietitian in that area. To provide food and meals to vulnerable groups such as patients, old people, people with different kinds of disability and school children as well as other groups in the population a competence in dietetics is needed. These kinds of work are generally the competence described for food service dietitians. The competence need in food service covers a wide range of topics including culinary nutrition, dietetics, food safety, food science and the sociology of food and nutrition, as well as a respect for autonomy, ethical factors and sustainability as well as leadership and financial accountability. This complex area of competence and the task of providing food and meals to vulnerable groups is the role of the dietitian in food service.

Food service dietitian focuses and works primarily within food service management with responsibility for providing nutritionally adequate, quality food to individuals or groups in health and disease in an institution or a community settings.

The ESDN for Food Service (previous ESDN administrative dietitians) was established in 2013 and meet for a workshop during EFADs conference every year to discuss different topics related to this specialist area and to exchange knowledge.

Dietitians with expertise in Food Service who would like to join this ESDN should contact Klaus Nigl (klaus.nigl@fhgooe.ac.at)