EFAD Transparency statement

EFAD understands that visitors to this website, our partners and members would like to know more about who we are, what we do and whether we achieve our ambitions. We want to be honest and provide information in a responsible way which is clear and easy to understand.

European Commission Transparency Register Identification number: 99138006725-91



Income in 2017 came from subscription fees which were €116.000 (67%) and projects €34.000 (20%). 

Expenditure included €78.000 (67%) on staff costs and honoraria and €19.000 on travel and subsistence.  Office costs were €3500 and subscriptions to other organisations totalled €3000. Other costs were a further €8500.

EFAD is a Professional Association and non-governmental organisation that maintains independence and integrity at all times. EFAD's guidelines for sponsorship and partnership with industry aim to increase EFAD's potential to access funds or services from companies or foundations, while maintaining the integrity of EFAD and the independence and professional standing of its members. A wide range of options exists for collaboration of EFAD with industry. Such collaborations can mutually support the aims of EFAD and of the collaborating organisation. Forming new alliances is a positive way forward for EFAD in promoting its aims and its aspirations.

EFAD guidelines for sponsorship and collaboration with industry 2014