Nutrition Care Process and Standardised Language

EFAD Vision 2020

  • Dietitians in Europe are using standardized terminology and work according to a nutrition care process model.
  • All Higher Education Institutions have included a nutrition care process model and a standardized language for dietitians in their curriculum.
  • National Dietetic Associations encourage and facilitate dietitians to use a nutrition care process in various practice settings.
  • Dietitians have implemented a standardized language in research to enable a global collaboration.

Background and Introduction
One crucial way for the EFAD Professional Practice Committee to achieve its mission is by working within Europe to define and develop best practices. In
light of recent research, the use of standardized language (SL) has been identified as a key practice tool to advance the level of practice to a higher level and support its integrity.
EFAD recommends all National Dietetic Associations to support the access and use of a chosen Nutrition Care Process/Dietetic Process (NCP) model and a Standardised Language (SL) developed for dietitians.
This can include but is not limited to licensing, translation and development of support materials and activities such as written materials, webinars, workshops, discussion groups, and websites.