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EUandMyFood campaign

We would like to inform you that EFSA is launching the campaign #EUandMyFood, which will run from 24 April to 26 May 2019. The aim of the campaign is to capitalise on the increased attention on the EU as a result of the upcoming EP elections in May. More specifically, we wish to raise awareness of how the EU food safety system (through the work of EFSA and Member States) enhances the lives of citizens.


To this end, you can find attached information on the campaign dissemination plan including information on the communication materials to be used. As we want to ensure the widest possible outreach during the campaign, we would very much appreciate if you could liaise with your Communication Expert Network representative in order to maximise the impact of (y)our joint work. The dissemination plan explains in full (i) the communication products to be promoted; (ii) the complete dissemination schedule; and (iii) how we propose the campaign is run in a coordinated way.


The core content of the #EUandMyFood campaign is:

  • A campaign web  which will act as the “hub” to access all content available in all EU official languages. It will include:
    • An emotional video, available with subtitles in all EU official languages
    • Three animations to depict the three key areas of the EU food safety system, also available with subtitles in all EU official languages:
      • “Safe and nutritious food” (Public health-related)
      • “Better conditions for our animals” (Animal health/welfare-related)
      • “Sustainable environment and protection for wildlife” (Environment/agriculture-related)
    • In each of the three areas there are also 8-10 “boxes” flag specific issues.

Please note that both the video and the animations could be which could be easily embedded on your website and you can set up your own language subtitle automatically (see attached instructions). If you need any further assistance you can directly liaise with your IT staff.

Moreover, we would appreciate if you could include the following short description underneath the video you will embed so that the users will have the possibility to directly click on the link of our campaign landing page.

The European Food Safety Authority. We're with you every step of the way - keeping Europe's food safe. Want to know more? Visit


Key instructions for the promotion activities


What?  - The content (video and animations) to be used will be released as stand-alone products for promotion over the four-week period of the campaign. We ask you to follow the dissemination schedule set out in the attached plan so that we are all promoting the same material at the same time;

How?  You will receive an email every week with links to the materials for promotion in the week ahead. Communication products, including proposed texts for use on social media (in all 24 EU languages), will accompany them and stored on a centralised sharing platform (Adobe) for download and publication. You can also download the full Communication package from Adobe.


When cascading this information through your national contacts/networks, please us the following link


Anything else? We would very much appreciate if you could share with us your plans for supporting us in this campaign in terms of timing and channels to be used. We would be also interested to learn of any cascading you may carry out to other promoters (e.g. national consumer associations, media) or influencers (e.g. celebrity chefs) you may target at national level. Finally, since we will be monitoring the impact of your dissemination activities, it will be very important that you follow our instructions above (and in the dissemination plan).     


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Thank you for your support!