'Stimulating fresh fruit and vegetable consumption for healthier European consumers' - first webinar

, Freshfel Europe is leading a Thematic Network in 2018 as part of the European Commission's EU Health Policy Platform. The topic of this Thematic Network is 'Stimulating fresh fruit and vegetable consumption for healthier European consumers'.

The objective of the Thematic Network is to develop a Joint Statement, which will consolidate best practices of communicating fruit and vegetable consumption needs and how to include fruit and vegetables in the diets of EU consumers in a changing lifestyle environment. This Joint Statement will be open for endorsement by stakeholders towards the end of the year and will be presented at the EU Health Policy Platform Annual Meeting in November this year. This specific topic has been selected due to current low consumption levels of fresh fruits and vegetables under recommended levels by Europeans and the contrastingly high financial and human health cost resulting from this, where regular consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables is recognised as an important element of a healthy and balanced diet. Freshfel Europe is now drafting the Joint Statement to be ready for endorsement in September.

If you are interested in the Thematic Network, I would to invite you to participate in the first webinar of the Thematic Network, which will take place next week at 14:00 CET on the 4 July 2018. This webinar will provide an extensive review of fresh fruit and vegetable consumption trends, an overview of the scientific community’s efforts in fruit and vegetable intake, as well as more details on the development of the Joint Statement for the Thematic Network. Please find the detailed invitation and information on how to participate to the webinar attached.

Please note that the webinar is a public event, therefore please do not hesitate to disseminate the webinar further afield to your colleagues/contacts who have an interest in fruit and vegetable consumption. Registration to the webinar is not required, you merely need to follow the instructions to log in. Freshfel will be hosting the webinar via computer with presentations, so this will also be the most interactive way for you to join.

Additionally, please feel free to access the Thematic Network's portal on the EU Health Policy Platform for further information about the Thematic Network, including previous presentations, background documents and Joint Statement draft versions etc.

If you have any queries regarding the Thematic Network, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Nicola Pisano
Communications Officer & Policy Advisor

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