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International co-creation week in Antwerp - the Foodture

Dear EFAD members, especially those working in a HEI,

Artesis Plantijn University Antwerp and The Hague University of Applied Sciences have joined forces and will organize a yearly international event for students and staff of Nutrition and Dietetics programmes, rotating locations every year.

For 2018, we’ve developed an innovative experience: The Foodture!  Key topics are sustainability, creativity and innovative entrepreneurship – competences our future dietitians currently need more than ever.

In the week of the 5th-9th of February 2018, the Foodture will take place in Antwerpen. Students are encouraged to work in international teams, developing a business plan for a service or product that is sustainable, innovative and profitable. More information can be found in the attachment and at the website,

The week ends with a professional international symposium with expert speakers, open for professionals as well as students and staff. During the symposium, students will pitch their concept.

Participation to this exciting week is free. Travel and accommodation is on own expenses and needs to be arranged by the participants themselves (find attached some suggestions). Registration for students and/or teachers is possible starting November 1st through The places for Belgian and Dutch students are already taken. 

For lecturers, participating counts for Erasmus+ teacher mobility to cover accommodation and travel. Perhaps you are familiar with this, or you could ask more info at your International Office. Lecturers will be able to follow all workshops and coach the students. Besides this, lecturers will have the opportunity to discover and learn about structural methods for the development from an idea to a concept.

We would highly appreciate it if you share the invitation with your students and colleagues. If you have any further questions, please let us know, we would be happy to answer them. We’re sorry if this email crosses other messages you’ve received on The Foodture.


Kind regards,


Koen Vanherle & Tonnie van Genugten



Contact details Koen:


Koen Vanherle


International coordinator Nutrition and Dietetics

EFAD anchor @European Network of Dietetic Students

T +32 3 220 55 80 |

Wetenschap en techniek, Kronenburgstraat 47, BE-2000 Antwerpen 


Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen |

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Additional information about the event:
Start date: 2018/02/05
End date: 2018/02/09
Location: Antwerp, Belgium