FOOD 2030 Towards sustainable agri-food systems

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Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the organizing committee and scientific board it is our honour to invite you to the international congress FOOD 2030 Towards sustainable agri-food systems at the University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart), Germany, from 5 to 6 September 2018.


The Call for Abstracts is now open until 18 May 2018!



Be part of the congress FOOD 2030: Towards sustainable agri-food systems and take the opportunity to present your research in an oral presentation or poster referring to one of the main topics:


A: Health and nutrition

B. Resilience, adaptation and sustainable intensification

C: Bioeconomy and food production


We invite all experts and professionals representing science, civil society, public and the private sector to present and discuss their knowledge and experiences related to food systems. The congress aims at promoting an extensive exchange to find innovative approaches for the development of sustainable agri-food systems.


The aim to produce and provide access to sufficient and healthy food for all is a challenge the United Nations want to achieve within the next 12 years. This aim is interconnected with challenges of e.g. natural resource scarcity, climate change, population growth and changing dietary habits. Thus, it is important to improve agri-food systems “from farm to fork” in a broad thematic context. Addressing the complex nature of food security requires great interdisciplinary efforts from the agricultural, food and natural sciences to the social sciences, economics and humanities, as well as knowledge co-creation with other stakeholders.


It is expected that the congress will contribute to a deeper understanding of how to successfully implement the Sustainable Development Goals and give an input towards the Food 2030 discussion within the EU`s 9th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development.



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We are very much looking forward to welcoming you at the University of Hohenheim for a fruitful discussion. Please check the key dates on our website and spread the word!


Jana Tinz

FOOD 2030 Congress Team

Eva Gautsch
Project Management / INTERPLAN AG



Additional information about the event:
Start date: 2018/09/05
End date: 2018/09/06
Location: Stuttgart, Germany