Student of the Year Award 2021

EFAD is awarding the best student among us!

EFAD's Student of the Year Award 2021 was designed to award the highest achieving student for the academic year 2020/2021. If you are or were a BSc or MSc student of Nutrition and Dietetics in the academic year 2020/2021 and if you are a member of and National Dietetic Association or are studying at a Higher Education Institution that is a member of EFAD, then please apply for an opportunity to be named EFAD's Student of the Year!

What will be evaluated?

  • Your motivation letter - convince us that you indeed deserve this award! (mandatory)
  • Two recommendations from dietetic specialists or professors from your university – it shows how well others appreciate you! (at least one is mandatory)
  • Attendance of conferences, congresses, courses, workshops, webinars and other extracurricular learning activities – it shows you are eager to expand your knowledge! (optional - bonus points)
  • Extra-curricular achievements in the form of voluntary work related to dietetics – shows your motivation to contribute to your community (optional - bonus points)
  • Contribution to and attendance of ENDietS and EFAD activities – it shows how much you have contributed to the work of our network (optional - bonus points)
  • Previous awards in the field of dietetics – it means your work has already been recognised by others! (optional - bonus points)

The student with the most achievements will then be chosen by the EFAD Executive Committee, ENDietS Executive Team and ELLLC and will be awarded a free registration to the 13th EFAD Congress (26-30 October 2021), ENDietS Students’ Days (22-23 October 2021) which are going to be held online and a 100 Euros Amazon voucher. *

Moreover, the winner will be featured on ENDietS Students’ Days, making a short speech. He/she will be notified beforehand - giving the winner enough time to prepare.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity!! The application deadline is 10th September 2021!**

How to apply?
Fill out the application template (download it here) and send it to with all the requested documentation.
You also need at least one recommendation letter (download it here), so please ask a teacher, professor, supervisor or other professionals of the field to fill out the recommendation template and ask them to send it separately to us at

*Mark your calendars and book the dates so you don’t miss the EFAD conference and ENDietS Students’ Days!
** If the winner has already registered for the EFAD congress or Students' Days, the fee will be refunded.