EFAD Dietetic Fellowship Award 2018

The EFAD Honorary European Dietetic Fellowship Award 2018 was given to Prof Agneta Hörnell of Umea University in Sweden. 

Agneta will give the Fellowship Award presentation to the 2019 Conference in Berlin.

Agneta graduated as a dietitian in 1987 and worked clinically for about a year before slipping into research. During the following 30 years she worked with various professionals groups both in research and teaching at university. She has been engaged in EFAD since 2006 when her Department became a member of DIETS.  She was a member of the Executive Committee 2010-2016, and ESDN Food Service from 2017.

In the EFAD European Dietetic Fellowship Award lecture, Agneta focussed on some of the things she has done and learned over the years

– view fellowship lecture:      


or watch the video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UJSxwZdChcpnkaeT6

The recording of the speech can be found here.