23 November 2021

1.”Gestational Diabetes: The medical approach”  by Dott. Silviamaria Sciannimanico

Gestational Diabetes is a more and more common condition to handle. Due to the correlation between hyperglycaemia and adverse maternal-fetal outcomes, the role of uterine imprinting that increases the risk of developing diabetes and cardiac and metabolic diseases in the offspring, the growing vulnerability of the mother to develop diabetes and cardiac diseases in the future, should be put major attention on prevention, screening, diagnosis and management of hyperglycaemia during pregnancy.


2.”Medical Nutrition Therapy in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: scientific evidence” by Marina Armellini, Member of European Dietetic Network Specialist for Diabetes

Nutrition therapy is the first-line approach to the treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and research indicates that MNT provided by an RDN is effective in improving blood glucose control and neonatal and maternal outcomes in women with GDM. The goal of nutrition in pregnancy is also to support maternal, placental, and fetal metabolic needs, and it may be the first introduction to a lifetime of healthy eating.


3. Is the role of dietitian essential for women living with GDM or following the basic nutritional guidelines is just enough? by Kiriaki Papa, Dietitian-Nutritionist MSc, Diabetes Educator

Research indicates that the implementation of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for the management of gestational diabetes is more effective when provided by a registered dietitian, combined with follow up appointments than other healthcare professionals (e.g. doctor, diabetes nurse). The dietitian-led models also concluded in some cases that were more effective regarding improved outcomes in diabetes management and especially blood glucose control.