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25th FREE ENDietS webinar: Finding your calling: A summer of adventure for Nutrition and Dietetics students

Date: October 31st, 19.00 CET

Description: Camilla and Yuri have been passionate about their respective degrees since day one. Yet, Camilla has struggled to find her place among Dietetics students interested in clinical nutrition. With her passion for public health nutrition and policy, Camilla's career seemed a little trickier to achieve. On the other hand, Yuri, an international student from Japan has struggled to find how to start a career on a global scale, fearing the knowledge from her BSc may not be applicable to settings outside the UK. This summer, both have had eye-opening experiences and have learnt how to grab opportunities by the scruff of the neck.

About the speakers:

After a previous life and undergraduate degree in Management & Economics, French/Italian Camilla is a 3rd year Nutrition & Dietetics student at King’s College London. She is passionate about public health nutrition and prevention, with special interest in obesity, front-of-package labelling and issues around marketing food to children. Camilla strives to find a healthy balance between her demanding degree, student jobs, and extracurricular activities such as painting and volunteering.

Yuri completed her B.A.Sc in Education in Home Economics in Japan, where she studied the importance of nutrition and consumer education. Since 2013, Yuri has developed management and organisational skills through her work as a PA in the Hospital & Health Care field in London. While working closely with doctors, she was inspired by Preventive Medicine and joined King’s College London to study Nutritional Science in 2016. Yuri is 3rd year Nutrition BSc student and wishes to pursue a career in Public Health Nutrition specialising in malnutrition and disaster relief.  Find out what they have to say about their respective career paths to date by attendingthe webinar.


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Have a look to the recording in case you missed the webinar on the ENDietS Youtube Channel