April 2013

Introduction to DIET’s E-Courses

E-learning at the digital culture is providing E-courses via the internet using resources such as videos, animations, power point presentations, documents, etc. It is mainly intended for self-paced learning, without any guidance, but it can also be instructor-led, and it can also be used in face-to-face classroom situations. Its flexibility is one of its primary attractiveness and advantages.

The incredible variety of E-courses provide learning stimulus beyond traditional learning methodology from textbook, manual, or classroom-based instruction. Their objectives aim to enhance, supplement and enrich basic as well as applicative knowledge. Dietitians like any-one else with a general interest in continuing education who wants to deepen their understanding could consider using E-learning at their own time, place and pace. E-courses can be considered by preceptors in a class-room face-to-face situation, as well as during professional experience (practicum) for teaching and learning as classroom aids.

E-courses developed by DIETS: Sample Size, Decision Making, Questionnaire Design and Evidence Based Practice, invite the learner to think critically and creatively about the topic of study; suggest new ideas in a supportive environment; gain fresh perspectives on one’s own experiences; provide new knowledge; suggest “how to..” ideas.

The E-courses have been developed collaboratively by teams of experienced dietitians and evaluated for content and acceptability by preceptors and students in dietetics.

To enjoy the E-courses one will need a computer which meets the internet requirements to view YouTube videos, assorted professional web links, have speakers or headphones. There is no need for a YouTube account to participate.

There are no formal learning outcomes for these courses. Though some have review questions. However, we invite participants, mainly preceptors, to determine useful aims and objectives for their own and their students’ involvement.

Available E-courses: Sample Size; Questionnaire Design; others will follow.

The completion of an on line Course Evaluation Questionnaire by users will assist in improving the course. Comments from viewers are most welcome.


Thank you,

The Team of WP5