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European Academic and Practitioner Standards for Dietetics

Under revision 2015/16

The European Academic & Practitioner Standards for Dietetics (also known as the European Dietetic Benchmark Statement or EDBS)

A working group, established to take the work forward, met in February 2004 in Düsseldorf and agreed that the benchmark statement for dietetics should encourage programmes to focus on outcomes rather than a curriculum of finite subjects. This is in keeping with the current thinking of the EU on convergence and free migration. The document was based upon the QAA (2001) document, adapted to reflect the work of the dietitian across Europe. The European physiotherapy benchmark statement (2003) was also used for reference. A draft document was circulated to all of the Member Associations and Higher Education Institutes involved in dietetic education in July 2004 for consultation.
The working group reconvened in September 2004 to consider the response, prior to the EFAD General Meeting in Bordeaux. The deadline was short and the number of responses was too small to be considered as representative. There was, however, sufficient agreement with the priorities established in Denmark to recommend to the EFAD delegates that the order of work should be as stated but that priorities 2 and 3 be combined, with the European Dietetic Benchmark Statement as the defined level of a first cycle bachelor degree.
A second workshop was held in Bordeaux to refine and develop the statement. The delegates agreed that for EFAD to have a clear mandate to proceed, responses should be received from all of the Associations and 50% of the Higher Education Institutes. It was felt that a high level of agreement was required, particularly for the standard at which the benchmark was set, as some countries would not initially meet that standard. The deadline for the consultation on the first draft of the European Dietetic Benchmark Statement was extended to give all of the Associations and Higher Education Institutes time to respond. Associations undertook to translate the Benchmark into their own language.
The second draft of the European Dietetic Benchmark Statement was circulated to all of the Member Associations for further discussion with their respective Higher Education Institutes. The final ratification and acceptance of the Benchmark statement took place at the General meeting in Geneva, June 2005.
The “Benchmark Statement” is now available in 12 European languages. 

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