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Thematic Network for Dietetics

Funding was obtained for the DIETS2 project to start on 1 October 2010.
A  summary of the DIETS2 Aims & Objectives, Description of Project and the Deliverables is provided. The DIETS2 interim report was submitted in March 2012.
Download PDF file EFAD members adopted the European Academic and Practitioner Standards for Dietetics in June 2005. The University of Plymouth, with the full support of EFAD obtained funding to establish a Thematic Network to facilitate the implementation of the standards from the European Commission Socrates Programme (Erasmus 3) for a three year period. DIETS (Dietitians Improving Education & Training Standards) was launched on 1 October 2006. For the first time practising dietitians (through their dietetic associations) and higher education institutes who teach dietetics are working together to improve standards of dietetic education both in theory and practice throughout Europe.