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ESDN Gastroenterology Committee members guest editor for a special issue in the international nutrition journal "Nutrients"

Members of ESDN Gastroenterology Committee were invited as guest editor for a special issue on "Nutritional managment of diarrhea"  in the international nutrition journal "Nutrients" (impact factor 4,2).

As core group of the European Specialist Dietetic Network (ESDN) in Gastroenterology of the European Federation of Association (EFAD) we are pleased to invite you to actively contribute to the special issue on the nutritional management of diarrhea. We approach specialist dietitians, medical doctors, researchers and pharmacists to tackle this issue together from different perspectives. We also offer specialist dietitians with international publication experience from different medical disciplines (e.g. oncology, intensive care, medical nutrition) to actively contribute to the special issue.

Interested dietitians can contact ESDN Gastroenterology Committee. We aim at high quality, evidence-based and practice-oriented publications on dietary strategies to prevent or treat diarrhea in children or adults in a broad range of settings from otherwise healthy persons suffering from traveler diarrhea to severely ill patients in the intensive care environment, as well as the latest advances in the treatment of diarrhea associated conditions or diseases. Read more