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Global Summit on Nutrition, Health and Human Behaviour - Science, Market and Policy Update


Registration Open - Program Confirmed
Call for Posters (deadline Sept. 30, 2018)

Global Summit on Nutrition, Health and Human Behaviour - Science, Market and Policy Update
Crowne Plaza Le Palace Hotel
Brussels, Belgium
Monday & Tuesday October 29-30, 2018

Call for Posters: Researchers are encouraed to submit a Poster Presentation; please send a one-page abstract before September 30, 2018 to

Confirmed speakers: Prof. Michael Crawford, Imperial College, London, U.K.; Dr Alexandra J Richardson, Oxford University, U.K.; Capt. Joseph Hibbeln, NIH-NIAAA, Bethesda MD, U.S.A.; Dr. Neil Auchterlonie, IFFO - International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation, U.K.; Mr. Courtney Hough, General Secretary, FEAP, Belgium; Dr Karim Kurmaly, Veramaris, the Netherlands; Dr. V. Krishnakumar, Giract, Switzerland; Dr. Clemens von Schacky, Medical University Munich / Omegametrix, Germany; Dr. Gerard Bannenberg, GOED Global Organization for EPA and DHA, U.S.A.; Dr. Robert Harwood, CPL Business Consultants, U.K.; Mrs. Aurore de Monclin, The Healthy Marketing Team, U.K.



Day 1: Monday, October 29, 2018


Registration and Welcome coffee


Summit Opening - Introduction and scope of the Global Summit - Prof. Michael Crawford, Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, Imperial College, London, U.K.


Fisheries Policy, Aquaculture and Fish Oil Market - Role of Omega-3s, TBC, Seafood Norway, Norway

LC-omega-3 in Nutrition, Health & Behaviour / Science Update - Chair Dr Alexandra J Richardson, Founder Director, Food and Behaviour (FAB) Research, Oxford University, U.K.


Emerging Omega-3 Science: Where are the Research Gaps? Where are the Opportunities, Capt. Joseph Hibbeln, NIH-NIAAA, Bethesda MD, U.S.A.


Coffee Break & Networking


Enhancing Omega-3 Fatty Acid Incorporation in Humans, Dr. Donald C. Beitz, Iowa State University, U.S.A.


Debate session: Strategies for Increased use of lc-Omega-3s for Improving Health

LC-Omega-3 Needs, & Sustainable World Supply – Chair TBN


Global Fish Oil Supply: inputs, outputs and markets, Dr. Neil Auchterlonie, IFFO - International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation, U.K.


Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable and Integrated Aquaculture, Mr. Courtney Hough, General Secretary, FEAP - Federation of European Aquaculture Producers, Belgium


Feeding a Sustainable Future, Dr Karim Kurmaly, Chief Executive Officer, Veramaris, the Netherlands


Debate session: Matching Omega-3 Requirements with Omega-3 Supplies


End of day 1 program sessions


Gala Dinner offered by WHC Labs, with round table discussion to prepare the consensus on Strategies for the Industry to Improve the Global Intake of lc-Omega-3 in Developed and in Developing Countries”

Day 2: Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Product and Policy Development towards a Growing Consumer Awareness - Chair Dr. V. Krishnakumar, Giract, Switzerland


Omega-3 Market: Availability in Food Supplements and Fortified Food Products, Dr. V. Krishnakumar, Managing Director, Giract, Switzerland


Health and Nutrition Claims Status for Omega-3s in Feed, Food and Pharma, (TBC), Coutrelis & Associés, France


Integrating Omega-3 Level Evaluation in Clinical Analysis Platforms, Dr. Clemens von Schacky, Professor, Head of Preventive Cardiology, Medical University Munich / Omegametrix, Germany


Coffee Break & Networking


EPA/DHA Dietary Supplement Compliance: Content Claims and Quality, Dr. Gerard Bannenberg, Scientific Outreach, GOED Global Organization for EPA and DHA, U.S.A.


Functional Foods Developments, European Growth Strategies and Consumer Behaviour, Dr. Robert Harwood, Chief Executive Officer, CPL Business Consultants, U.K.


Taking Advantage of Claims and Nutrition Information in Growing Consumer Awareness, Mrs. Aurore de Monclin, Senior Consultant, The Healthy Marketing Team, U.K.


Debate session: Strategies for Food and Food Ingredients Industry to Deliver Omega-3s to Consumers Worldwide in a Sustainable Way


Lunch with round table discussion - Consensus Document review and update


Overview of Intentions of Participants to “Make a Change?” - Wrap-up and closure


End of Program

Summit Venue

Crowne Plaza Le Palace Hotel, Brussels
3 Rue Gineste
B-1210 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 203 6200
Fax +32 2 203 5555

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