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40th Anniversary EFAD Conference



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Meet your colleagues & Share knowledge

Dear colleagues,

Dietitians from all over Europe together at one congress: that is so unique! Network with colleagues from other countries, meet the experts and gain knowledge. An opportunity you do not want to miss!
As a communication professional it is a great pleasure to write this newsletter every month. But I need you to spread the news! Please forward this newsletter: share it on social media & send it to your colleagues.
Good news: you can register now for the lower early bird rate. So book your conference ticket now and save money!
I can’t wait to meet you on the 28 and 29 September in Rotterdam!


Suzan Tuinier
EFAD Communication & PR











EFAD Conference 2018
Let's make the difference!
September 28-29, 2018  | World Trade Center Rotterdam (NL)









What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead

Nelson Mandela














Vivian Ceelen
Head of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics - HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen, the Netherlands






Can you tell us more about yourself?
I’m Head of the department of Nutrition and Dietetics at HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen, the Netherlands
What is the subject of your presentation?
"How to create new workplaces for dietitians". A few years ago at HAN University, we started to create new places for internships for our students. With ‘new places’ I mean places where there had not been internships before, because there was not yet a dietitian working. We were convinced, however, that dietitians could be of value in these places, like companies, schools, practices for dental hygienists, sports clubs, etc. We therefore started internships, which created the opportunity for these new places to get to know the expertise of dietitians. We started with about 12 students in 2012. This number increased over the last years, due to good outcomes. We are very proud that several students could stay after their internship, because companies and organization were excited about the added value of a dietitian. In this way, we have been able to create new work places for dietitians. 
What challenges did we face during this process? For example, an important issue was the supervision of our students. Therefore, we contracted a dietitian with a private practice to supervise our students in those companies or organizations where no dietitian was available.

Why is this subject special?
It’s about innovation in education, about creating new chances for dietitians, and about courage.

How does this fit in the theme ‘let’s make a difference'?
We decided to take things differently; to think out of the box. It shows –among other things- that (future) dietitians can make a difference in new workplaces.

How can dietitians make a difference according to you?
By developing a permanent learning attitude, being curious, asking questions, trying new things, keeping up knowledge and skills, creating strength by working together.

Why should dietitians come to Rotterdam in September?
Because this is the moment and place to start making the difference as described above.

Is there anything else you want to share with us?
Looking forward to meet you!




















Maria Hassapidou
Coordinator of EFAD Orginal Research Group
taking care of abstracts handling & awards 




Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?
I am a professor of Nutrition and Dietetics  and head of the department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the Alexander Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki (ATEI), Greece. I have coordinated and participated in several research projects in the areas of dietary assessment and nutritional evaluation, dietary treatment of obese patients with cardio metabolic diseases and childhood obesity. I am the national coordinator for Greece for COSI (WHO European Childhood Surveillance Initiative), member of the EASO Childhood Obesity Task Force and chair of the Nutrition working group(NWG) of the same association, and co-chair of the European Specialized Dietetic Network (ESDN) of EFAD on Obesity. I am also a member of the Hellenic Nutrition Policy Committee.’

When did you join EFAD?
I actually became active in EFAD as a University representative in DIETS 1 in 2005

Can you share some of the highlights with us?
In the first DIETS conference we were not so experienced and all posters were presented as orals: five minutes each. There we realized that five minutes was a very short time and presenters were complaining. So in the next conference we selected a few abstracts to be presented as orals and the rest as paper posters. You always learn by experience!

You are responsible for the selection of the abstracts, how does this works?
Dietitians and students submit their abstracts written according to specific instructions. Then there is a group of evaluators that reads and grades the abstracts. There are two evaluators for each abstract. The abstracts with the best grades are presented as orals and the rest as posters. To be sure that only quality research is presented abstracts that do not achieve a  minimum grade are not accepted. There is a prize for the best poster and for the best student poster.

How many abstracts did you receive last year?
We had 87 abstracts.

You are responsible for the selection of the abstracts, how does this works?
Dietitians and students submit their abstracts written according to specific instructions. Click on the button below to read the guidelines. 

How can dietitians “make a difference” (the theme in 2018)?
Dietitians can make the difference. We see it with the increase in the participation in our conferences over the years, the increase in the number and the quality of abstracts submitted every year on different research subjects and with the  increased participation  of dietitians in the prevention and treatment of diseases all over Europe. 








Submit your abstract before June 1st and present it at the EFAD Conference!





Make use of the early bird rates and save money. Deadline is the 1st of May. 



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Season's Greetings!

It might seem strange to be reading about the EFAD Conference 2018 in December, when everyone is busy getting ready for the festive season. But planning for the conference is already well under way - see the interview with Stefan Storcksdieck, Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee, below – and abstract submission is already open.

Looking for gift ideas still? Why not give yourself a present too? Have fun networking while updating yourself on the latest in dietetics. Attend the EFAD 40th Anniversary celebrations on 28 & 29 September 2018 in Rotterdam – the party city of the Netherlands! And forward this newsflash to all your colleagues so they don't miss the opportunity to join you there!

Wishing you a wonderful festive season!


Judith Liddell
Chair of Conference Organising Committee


EFAD Conference 2018
Let's make the difference! Celebrating 40 years of dietetic leadership
September 28-29, 2018  | World Trade Center Rotterdam (NL)




Be the change that you want to see in the world
Mahatma Gandhi



The 10th EFAD Conference was a great success! It took place on Friday 29 & Saturday 30 September 2017 in the World Trade Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Did you know that you can view the abstracts and presentations of each conference day? And that you can find a photo impression of the conference?





Stefan Storcksdieck
Chairman of the Scientific Committee 2018


In the evaluation of the last congress there were topics and areas mentioned to be covered in future conferences. Can you tell more about these topics?

We did indeed sit down and evaluate the last conference very thoroughly. This was greatly facilitated by a structured feedback form that all attendees had been asked to complete. Many thanks to all those who did! It was a fantastic starting point for us on the scientific programme committee, because it essentially provided us with the building blocks for the new programme. Next year’s conference has the theme “Let’s make a difference – building on 40 years of dietetic leadership”. Reflecting the diversity of the dietetic profession, topic proposals broadly fell into four overarching themes: clinical dietetics; food policy and economics; education, communication and leadership; and innovation and new technologies. The next step for us will be to select the concrete topics that will make the final programme.

Can you tell us how you will decide what the specific themes and topics will be in 2018?

On the program committee, I am surrounded by lovely colleagues from all areas of dietetics. Together we have voted on the long list of topics proposed. The result is a shortlist of the highest rated proposals, which we are currently arranging into exciting tracks that appeal to the broad target audience of EFAD conferences. Our ambition is to build a programme worthy of the congress that will celebrate 40 years of EFAD!

Can you share a sneak preview of the scientific programme, or tell us a little more about it?

It is still a bit early in the planning. But I can already tell you that we will be expanding the “Meet the expert” tables successfully piloted at the last conference. Furthermore, we will try to offer a dedicated leadership training workshop, possibly as a pre-conference activity. To achieve optimal learning, we will strive for engaging and interactive delivery formats wherever feasible. Whatever the final programme, you can be sure it will hold plenty of information for dietitians to promote their profession and thus make the difference!



Submit your abstract before June 1st and present it at the EFAD Conference!




The preliminary programme will be published in February. Have a look at other special dates!




1 - Pure people
If you speak to a person from Rotterdam, you know immediately what you can expect. Characteristic for a ‘Rotterdammer’ is: working hard, not just daring, direct, honest, and faithful. 

2 - Trendy
The trend watchers also see it: recently the New York Times advised its readers to visit Rotterdam. Rough Guides also includes the Maasstad in their tip-list, even calling Rotterdam 'Manhattan on the Maas'. 

3 - Shopping
It is a shopping paradise: whether you visit De Koopgoot, the trendy concept stores in De Meent, or check out the vintage shops in the Soho of Rotterdam (Nieuwemarkt and Pannekoekstraat): Rotterdam is a mecca for shopping queens seven days a week. And let's not forget Primark, which has its biggest outlet in the Netherlands in Rotterdam.

4 - Mix of cultures
In the port city you currently find more than 170 nationalities, making the city one of the most multicultural cities in the Netherlands. It is not for nothing that the American website Reddit calls the city a 'multicultural skyscraper'. For comparison: Amsterdam gets the name 'Arrogant Schmucks'.  

5 - The harbor
Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe, and is number three in the world. And the city has the most photogenic cosmopolitan skyline ever. 

6 - Architecture
Rotterdam has a rich architecture: anyone who thinks Rotterdam is gray and soulless, has to look better. The world-famous cube houses, the library at the Blaak, the new, largest covered market hall in Europe and the first 'skyscraper' in Europe: the White House. You can find it all!  

7 - Cocktail bar
Rotterdam has the best new cocktail bar in the Netherlands Cocktail-lovers should head straight to Stirr, which was named the Netherlands' best new cocktail bar in the Esquire awards.

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Save the date!

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Save the date!

We proudly invite you to celebrate EFAD’s 40th anniversary on 28 & 29 September 2018 in Rotterdam – one of Trip Advisor’s top ten cities and only 30 minutes from Schiphol Airport!

EFAD – the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians – was established in 1978 and has grown steadily ever since. We now represent over 34.000 dietitians and 9.000 students. Our vibrant network will once again offer a conference that addresses a wide range of topics relevant to dietitians today and explores future areas of work for dietitians.

We are delighted with the programme – over 70 speakers, including international experts, will present the latest in dietetic research and practice. There will be oral and poster presentations of dietitians’ original research with prizes for the best ones and awards for “European Dietetic Fellowship” and “Student of the Year”. An “innovation mile” and industrial exhibition will enable delegates to learn about latest developments in food, nutrition and dietetics. So truly something for everyone!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired by joining colleagues from all over Europe to update yourself, to network, to enjoy the exercise opportunities and social events. Save the date, register to receive the newsletter, start preparing your poster abstract and don’t forget to tell your colleagues – this is going to be the best celebration of European dietitians’ ever!

Looking forward to meeting you in Rotterdam in 2018!

Judith Liddell
EFAD Secretary General


Have a look at our new conference website!


Call for abstracts


Save the date!

Submit your original research abstract and present it at the EFAD Conference 2018! The deadline for submitting an abstract is June 1st. You can find the guidelines at our website by clicking the button below. 

Abstract Submission Guidelines



Should you have any questions regarding this conference, then please contact conference secretariat Mediscon.

Mediscon  |  +31-20-2082106  |

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Additional information about the event:
Start date: 2018/09/28
End date: 2018/09/29
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands