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Free EFAD webinar: “Evidenced-based practice in dietetics”

Free EFAD webinar: “Evidenced-based practice in dietetics”, December 12th 19.00 CET

This webinar to help you create clear, precise questions using PICO to search literature and plan a research project. You will also gain an understanding of the GRADE system for developing practice guidelines. You will be introduced to a database of evidence based practice written by dietitians for dietitian which uses both of the above.

About the speakers: Judy Lawrence is a policy officer at the British Dietetic Association with a special responsibility for encouraging dietitians to be research active. Judy supports dietitians applying for research funding and research training and has recently been involved in the awarding of funding for a BDA project looking at the effectiveness of dietitians working in primary care. She is currently reviewing abstracts submitted for the BDA research symposium.
Eleanor Johnstone is also a policy officer at the British Dietetic Association, her role involves supporting members to get involved with evidenced-based practice. Eleanor facilitates members to contribute to and review evidence relating to nutrition and dietetics. She is currently establishing a group of members to help embed outcomes within dietetic practice.

You can sign up for free in the following link.

Webinar recording: