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EFAD webinar: Working with NCPT when writing Electronic Health Records

Documentation in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is an important part of dietetic practice, which from time to time can be somewhat a challenge for most. The Nutritional Care Process Model (NCPM) provides terminology and structure, that ensures a uniform language when documenting. Applying Nutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT) in EHRs provides assurance of quality, and strengthens and ensures continuity in multi-, cross- and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

In this webinar participants will be introduced to why and how NCPT can be applied into different EHRs, based on experiences with Danish EHRs: 

1. Feasible methods for documentation, pros and cons 
2. Working with templates in EHRs and Microsoft Word 

The webinar will also address the bumps on the road participants can encounter when implementing NCPT, and how to work around these, to ensure an easy start. 

During the webinar participants will explore short demonstrations using case studies of how NCPT can be applied into EHRs using different methods for documentation.

About the speaker: Luise Persson Kopp is a Registered Clinical Dietitian experienced in NCPT and documentation. She is project manager for the Danish NCP Project and working with health communication as well as teaching students and other healthcare professionals, and being member of the SNOMED International Nutrition Care Process Terminology Clinical Project Group


The recording is available at


The webinar will take place on May 31st, 19.00 CEST. You can register here: