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EFAD ESDN Public Health Webinar

Title: EFAD briefing paper on the role of the European Dietitian in Public Health
Date: 9 February 2018

Summary: With this webinar, we will give a glimpse of the European public health dietitians best practices and also organize an active debate to discuss participants inputs to our proposals for a framework of advanced competences, as performance indicators will be soon updated by EFAD and further improve the description on how Public Health Dietitians should demonstrate that they are working at a level of advanced competence in Europe.

Speaker: Teresa Rodrigues is a senior expert in Nutrition, both in clinical practices and public health programs. She has a University Degree in Nutrition Sciences since 1994 from the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Porto. Since January 2007 she is Principal Assistant of Nutrition in Primary Health Care and she is the Regional Coordinator of COSI (Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative), where she develops research in Child Nutrition Surveillance, in the Public Health Department of Northern Regional Health Administration.

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If you missed, here you can watch it.