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EFAD ESDN Oncology Webinar

FREE EFAD, ESDN Oncology Webinar

15 January, 19.00 CEST


Title: ESPEN Guidelines On Nutrition In Cancer Patients: How Do Dietitians Implement Them In Practice?

Description: The presentation will discuss the new guidelines of The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metbolism (ESPEN) On Nutrition In Cancer Patients and how dietitians implement these guideline in practice.

The guidelines reflect a multidisciplinary approach to nutrition in cancer patients and include all adult cancer patients and cancer survivors.

The goals of the guidelines were:

1) to develop a clear and simple guideline structure to facilitate consensus building with other guideline groups and societies

2) to choose and answer clinical questions with immediate relevance for day-to-day clinical care (based on expert consensus if evidence-based data were not available) to better connect to clinical practice, and

3) to highlight relevant questions that urgently require clinical research (Arends J et al. ESPEN guidelines on nutrition in cancer patients, Clin Nutr 2016; 1-38.).

This presentation will look at the guidelines though the eyes of a specialist oncology dietitian.


Short bio of the speaker: Tugce Aytulu, an oncology specialist dietitian will give the presentation. Tugce has an 18-year experience in nutrition and dietetics, working as a dietitian at the American Hospital, in Istanbul, Turkey. She holds a masters degree in Dietetics. In 2013, she attended the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, as an oncology dietitian observer. She has been working as the Head of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department for 5 years and she is a member of the oncology team of the hospital. She is also a member of Turkish Dietetic Association and a committee member of the EFAD European Specialist Dietetic Network (ESDN) for Oncology.


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Watch here the recording.