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23rd Free ENDietS webinar: "How to understand eating disorders - feeling fat and other stories"

23rd Free ENDietS webinar: "How to understand eating disorders - feeling fat and other stories"

presented by Jelena Balabanić Mavrnović, MSc

The Center for eating disorders BEA, a non profit organisation, was founded in 2012 in the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. They offer daily support to people suffering from eating disorders and their families, implement prevention programs and educate the public via public health projects. Together with experts from Croatia, they have participated in the making of Strategic Guidelines for Improvement of Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders in the Republic of Croatia. The Center BEA offers free counselling for ED sufferers and their families, psycho-educational lectures, support groups for adolescents and adults, as well as parents, group for nutritional implementation of CBT-E, and group for people with binge-eating problems. Occasionally they also provide intensive courses in creative psychotherapies: psychodrama, dance and movement therapy, art therapy etc.

In this webinar Jelena Balabanić Mavrović , the executive director of the Center BEA, will talk about the work of the Center for eating disorders BEA and about the reasons why a non profit organisation is important in motivating and supporting the recovery process of people suffering from anorexia, bulimia and eating disorders not otherwise specified - Croatian experience. The presentation will also put an emphasis on communication strategies with ED sufferers with some examples from the practice.

Information on the speaker:

Jelena Balabanić Mavrović MSc, is executive director of Centre for eating disorders BEA. She is a sociologist and certified psychotherapist in reality therapy and is leading many community- projects and seminars including awareness raising and early detection of eating disorders. Additionally, she has established a prevention programme for eating disorders "Who is that in the mirror?" that is significantly reducing self-harming behaviours that can increase the risk for ED: everyday weight-in, self-induced vomiting, misuse of diuretics and laxatives, restrictive dieting.


Date: May 25th, 19.00 CEST 

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You can view the recording here.