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21st ENDietS webinar

Maja Žanko, Registered Dietitian:  How to help a patient with binge eating disorder

Why should a dietitian working with young overweight patients be careful on advising any kind of diet?


People suffering from eating disorders (ED) experience serious disorders in eating habits and related thoughts and emotions. These disordered eating habits can take many forms. The most common ED is Binge Eating Disorder (BED). Often, but not always, BED patients are also obese.

This presentation will shed light on some of the causes of BED and on the connection between obesity and BED. Should obesity and ED be treated the same way? Obesity can cause many well-known health complications. Why is it that any suggestion to start a selective or restrictive diet can open a Pandora's box for many young girls and boys and lead them to develop an eating disorder? The main focus of this talk will be on how a dietitian can help a young obese person with a BED to recover without telling her to loose weight.


About the speaker: 

Maja Žanko graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zagreb in 2009 and holds a master’s degree in nutrition science. In 2010 she specialized in eating disorders at the Faculty of Medicine in Florence, Italy.  She has volunteered and worked extensively in leading centers for eating disorders across Italy and Australia. She has been working in Croatia for the past three years in the private and public sector and she is currently based at psychiatric hospital Sveti Ivan in Zagreb, Croatia. She conducts nutrition groups both at the day hospital for eating and at Centar BEA, an NGO dedicated to eating disorders based in Zagreb. In September 2017, she started a new pilot-project entitled Psychological Help for Obese People with Binge Eating Disorder, inspired by Linda Bacon’s Health at Every Size approach that has now become part of the regular day hospital program. She regularly holds educational workshops and lectures in the field of nutrition both for practitioners and the general public, with particular emphasis on a new approach called “mindful and intuitive eating”.

Date: Friday May 4th, 19.00 CEST.

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You can view the recording here