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19th ENDietS Webinar- Nutritional Status in Cirrhotic Patients

Nutritional assessment is essential in cirrhotic patients, since malnutrition and sarcopenia are very common and substantially affect their quality of life and survival. Considering the nutritional status a potentially modifiable parameter, it is of great importance to identify those patients who may be or already are inadequately nourished, so that nutritional support can be provided. However, until today, most of the common nutritional screening and nutritional assessment methods are unreliable in cirrhotic, since the nature and the complications of the disease negatively affect the sensitivity of these methods. In this webinar, participants will comprehend:

• The factors leading to malnutrition and sarcopenia in cirrhosis

• The available nutritional assessment methods and the limitations for each one in these patients

• The dominant nutritional screening and nutritional assessment tools so far in the literature

• The gaps and future aims in the field of nutritional status assessment in cirrhotic patients

Alexandra Georgiou is a PhD candidate at Harokopio University, in Athens. Her project focuses on the assessment of the nutritional state of patients with liver cirrhosis. Prior to her doctoral studies, Alexandra received a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics and a MSc in Clinical Nutrition by Harokopio University.


You can view the recording here