1. Public health nutrition advice for the Coronavirus pandemic

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) has published advice for dietitians and the public on their web site https://www.bda.uk.com/resource/covid-19-coronavirus.html (English)


In Spain dietitians have produced a position paper on food and nutrition recommendations against the coronavirus crisis, with recommendations for healthy people who are in confinement, pregnant and nursing, people with mild symptomatology in COVID-19 and critical patients in ICU.

Spanish version – see here

English version - see here


The Hungarian Dietetic Association has endorsed and published Infographics for the general public. Authors were dietitians and nutritionists from several national NGOs in the field of nutritional sciences as well as from the Hungarian Dietetic Association. See CoronaVirus Nutrition Guide 1, 2 and 3.


Turkish Dietetics Association produced a guideline  in Turkish and English


A 10-point summary on diet, nutrition and the role of micronutrients: https://www.nnedpro.org.uk/post/combatting-covid-19


Paper published in the Irish Medical Journal today which may be of interest. Please find the article: Optimisation of Vitamin D Status for Enhanced Immuno-protection against Covid-19; and also the summaries for the Healthcare Professionals and for the Public.


WHO guidelines on healthy eating during quarantine: http://www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/disease-prevention/nutrition/news/news/2020/3/food-and-nutrition-during-self-quarantine-what-to-choose-and-how-to-eat-healthily


Recommendations by the UN regarding food environments during COVID-19 pandemic.


EASO is committed to sharing only the latest well evidenced information and guidance from credible sources. Click here to learn more



Practical texts for the public regarding FAQs from cancer patients about staying Home, food, etc during COVID-19. (German)




The Portuguese National Programme for Healthy Eating and the General Directorate of Health have been developing materials in the area of Food and Nutrition to inform the population (healthy people who are in confinement, pregnant and older people (https://nutrimento.pt/activeapp/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Alimentac%CC%A7a%CC%83o-e-COVID-19.pdf), children (https://nutrimento.pt/activeapp/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Alimentac%CC%A7a%CC%83o-sauda%CC%81vel-on-em-casa.pdf) and critical patients in ICU (https://www.dgs.pt/directrizes-da-dgs/orientacoes-e-circulares-informativas/orientacao-n-0212020-de-06042020-pdf.aspx)) and help the professionals. They published Guidelines for Nutritional Therapy of the Patient with Covid infection (Portuguese).


In Spain the CGDN have produced a further document on Vitamin D supplementation during social estrangement by COVID-19: https://academianutricionydietetica.org/NOTICIAS/VitaminaD-COVID19.pdf


EUFIC delveloped a COVID-19 package in the last couple of weeks to inform people on the relation between food & the pandemic. You can find the full articles at the links below: Food & coronavirus: what you need to know?; 7 tips to keep healthy while in isolation or quarantine; 10 tips to eat healthy during isolation or quarantine


Nutrition and excercise recommendations  for the quarantine, proposed by the Greek Ministry of Health (General Secretary of Public Health,National Committee of  Nutrition Policy) with the title "Stay home, stay fit, eat healthy".


DG SANTE updated its website to include a Questions and Answers page on COVID-19 and food safety. The page covers various topics such as the risk of infection through food, food production, food at home, and food in shops as well as Member States recommendation. The new Q&A page can be accessed through here


The Hellenic Dietetic Association’s (HDA) Groups of Experts have developed an informative public campaign that aims to help people follow a healthy diet and to control potential overeating which could affect their body weight during the lockdown period resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Download the list of materials in Greek developed by HDA’s Expert Groups  here.