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Eric is a divorced middle-aged male. He has had success in the past losing weight, but has gained weight since his divorce.  At his initial appointment, he highlighted that work was currently very stressful, as there were a number of redundancies being discussed.  At his last appointment, he was very enthusiastic, and wanted to turn his life around. He set his own goals of doing ‘some more exercise’, not going out to the pub anymore after work and ‘eating healthier’.

Alice & George
Alice is a mother who works full time as a personal assistant in an office environment. Her only son, George, is overweight and at risk of becoming obese. She has had an appointment with her child’s paediatrician, who has referred her to the dietitian. In her referral letter, the paediatrician reports that Alice and her family typically eat take away food most nights, which she picks up on her way home from work. The paediatrician also reports that Alice is willing to change habits to help George, but doesn’t feel confident in her abilities to cook and prepare a balanced evening meal during the week, given the time pressures of an evening. The paediatrician would like that a dietitian helps her identify the changes that need to be made.


Queenie is an older lady who is diabetic and has high cholesterol and triglycerides. She recently suffered a mild heart attack and her consultant told her she needs to lose weight and cut down her fat intake.  A dietitian saw Queenie 3 months ago, and diet recall showed that her normal diet is high in cheese, high in meat, low in fruit and vegetables and she loves desserts. She knows she is at risk of needing long term residential care if she does not take care of herself, as she has no family living nearby who can help support her. However, at age 69, she is unmotivated to make changes.  At her last appointment she agreed to buy more fruit and vegetables, and reduce her meat and cheese intake.  Queenie has come for a review appointment in the local community clinic.

Brian is quite a frail older gentleman who lives with his very supportive family.  He lives in an annexe to the main house and has his own cooking facilities, but he usually eats his main meal with the rest of the family. He has noticed that he has gradually lost weight since his wife died and he moved in with his son and daughter-in-law.  He is a well-read gentleman, with a keen interest in gardening.  Brian is frustrated that his increasing frailty is making it harder for him to enjoy his gardening as much as previously.  He is keen to gain weight. This is his initial appointment.