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Webinars and videos


Sofie Joossens about Evidence Based Dietetics.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv9L_I_jFQA on 26 June 2017

Pauline Douglas and Joan Gandy about Water – the forgotten nutrient.
EFAD working group ‘European Healthy Hydration Awareness Campaign’ on 23 May 2017

Jeroen Lakerverd about Environmental Influences on Diet and Health
14th ENDietS webinar on 30 March 2017

Hilda Mulrooney about The UK Childhood Obesity Plan: what's in, what's out and what else is happening.
ESDN Obesity webinar
on 7 March 2017

Dr Alastair Duncan about how to support nutrition, dietetics and wider health needs for people living with HIV.
13th ENDietS webinar on 16 February 2017

Dolores Dravinec, Thess de Lange, John Budding about Meet the Nutrition and Dietetics Student Associations of UK, Croatia and The Netherlands.
12th Student webinar on 15 December 2016

Ellen Govers, ESDN Obesity lead, The Netherlands, 2 December 2016
ESDN Obesity webinar on Insulin resistance

Melanie Wertz & Lena Fricke ( Students from Wageningen University ) about Nutritional Education in 2025: A challenge or adventure?
11th Student webinar on 23 November 2016

Judith Liddell, EFAD Secretary General about EFAD – The Voice of European Dietitians
10th Student webinar on 19 October 2016

Alexandra Kolm about IMPECD
9th Student webinar on 28 June 2016

Prof Maria Hassapidou, Thessaloniki Technical Institute, Greece June 2016
Interpreting dietary guidelines

Dilara Kocak, registered dietitian about "Healthy and tasty wealth"
7th Student webinar in April 2016

Smart nutrition consultation by Sonja (ENDietS anchor)
6th Student webinar on 23 March 2016

Anne de Looy, Honorary President of EFAD
5th Student webinar in February 2016

Prof Anne de Looy, EFAD Honorary President, April 2015
European Dietetic Action Plan (EuDAP) Briefing
View on youtube

Ana Catarina Moreira, Higher School of Health Technology, Lisbon December 2013
Dietitians! How to make a difference: from EU projects to daily life

Prof Agneta Hörnell, Umeå University, Sweden, January 2013
European Dietetic Advanced Competences (EDAC)

Prof Anne de Looy, University of Plymouth, UK, June 2013
Reflective learning - How to make it work for you

Bernadett Kiss Toth, Hungarian Dietetic Association, June 2013
Dissemination and overview of DIETS2 Deliverables

Dr Sorin Ioacara, Dept. Diabetes, Nutrition & Metabolic Diseases, Campina, Romania, February 2013
Introduction to e-learning

Dr Anne Payne, University of Plymouth, UK, February 2013
ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) 1

Prof Anne de Looy, University of Plymouth, UK March 2013
ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) 2

Dr Angela Garcia, San Paola University Madrid, Spain April 2013
ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) 3